Michele, Dean, Thomas and Valerie

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Since she was a little girl, Michele has always loved animals. It was not until she was in her mid-twenties that she purchased her first puppy, a Golden Retriever named Brandy. She's never looked back. Since then, she's had the priviledge of sharing her life with many other dogs, cats, horses and birds.

Michele is a high school teacher by day and spends her evenings and holidays working with her current dogs: six Australian Shepherds. She is currently training and competing in agility, disc, dock diving, obedience and sledding.



Dean was born on a farm on Allumette Island, Quebec, surrounded by nature and all kinds of animals. He enjoyed working outdoors, woodworking, and gourmet cooking. As a retired high school teacher, he enjoyed spending more time caring for the facility and ensuring that the dogs had a safe, and enjoyable time during their stay.

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Thomas and Valérie

Michele shares her passion with her two kids Thomas and Valérie, who are actively involved in the training of their dogs. Both kids enjoy playing and competing in agility and sledding with the Aussies. They also help out with the care and entertainment of the boarders.

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